♫♪  Mivos Quartet feat. Felipe Lara - “Corde Vocale”

It’s at the tensest moment in life when you recognize what matters the most, no? Well, under the guidance of that malevolent beauty, Mivos Quartet strings up some sizzling sounds, vibrating along a hollowed wooden pathway, and lending a helping hand into the heart of sheer fearful finesse. With a little help from modern composer Felipe Lara, the five flay a world with “Corde Vocale” in which wind blows the dripping of terror and down pour of mystery into the temple of pure creative thought. A process which the Mivos Quartet seems to behold while playing together, looking off each other and notes for direction. This symbiosis in artistry harnesses some serious attention outside of the physical, and borders on the process of improv, or straight up going with the flow. Not that it’s all made up on the spot, no, but so skillfully written and performed in their entirety that their music, especially when playing with Felipe Lara on “Corde Vocale,” is as though it’s a revolving and ever expanding idea of itself being momentary.

Having performed with a plethora of musicians/artists throughout their career-span, Mivos Quartet is proud to release their debut album Reappearances, which out on CD and available for full download TODAY! Wait, have you NOT heard this news? ‘Cause I’m here to tell YOU, reader, that your opportunity to grip on these major players is now real via Carrier Records. So unless you’re going to experience their brilliancy of performance at the album release concert on December 19 in the DiMenna Center, you’d better be grippin’ these tracks ASAP.

Listen to “Corde Vocale” by Mivos Quartet featuring Felipe Lara on their new album Reappearances via Carrier Records below:

• Mivos Quartet: http://www.mivosquartet.com
• Felipe Lara: http://www.felipelara.com
• Carrier Records: http://carrierrecords.com

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