♫♪  MJMJ RECORDS: Various Artists - Back in Business Vol.3

Whaaaaat the fuck? Anyone else see what MJMJ Records been doing over here? Check this shit out: MJMJ Records got a cassette (or two) lock-down for each month the rest of this year, and started a subscription service. That’s right! MJMJ Records came back on the PR game with some HARD responsibility. And all the music seems fittingly lined with each other; throughout the Back in Business Vol. 3 compilation, there’s a lo-fi, electronic wobble featuring post-outsider vocals that croon a mirage or a sweltering beat that pulsates and thrives on your mind’s direction. Ultimately, the mix is ensnared in underground mayhem that’s lush in grimy exuberance, scaled with an iridescence reflecting skill, culture, and personality.

Check it:

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• MJMJ Records: http://twomichaeljordans.tumblr.com
• Bary Center: https://soundcloud.com/barycenter
• Discoverer: https://soundcloud.com/discoverer
• HAXXXORS: http://haxxxors.bandcamp.com
• Ben Varian: http://benvarian.bandcamp.com
• PERSONA LA AVE: https://soundcloud.com/personalaave
• LOUD SUN: https://soundcloud.com/andrewjansen
• Choral Reefr: https://soundcloud.com/choral-reefr
• rawmean: https://soundcloud.com/raminrahni
• Gel Set: https://soundcloud.com/gel-set
• 555: https://soundcloud.com/555sounds

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