♫♪  Morten HD - Xenoglossia

The past sense of “dub” is one that is post-structural at this point. To be used as an example of total time-travel, remixing is a form of present-day anachronistic aesthetics. What hath the aged halls echo from within the Apothecary Compositions? Xenoglossia is answered and ringing throughout the Earth as a new dimension into music making as a form of eternal repetition. But by no means do I consider Morten HD a rip-off artist. However, Xenoglossia does an excellent jorb of reshaping sound as if it were building blocks of progression than these pre-fabricated Lincoln Logs that splinter and embed terrible ideas into others. Nay! Morten HD is an awaking of art as the presently challenging post-modern form of becoming self as identity through searching and plundering than one traversed in an already molded model.

Xenoglossia is Morten HD’s great layer of antiquity. Not one that is to be dug into or surfaced, but experienced within an inner realm. As we all experience sound and color and taste and smell differently, Xenoglossia presents a consciousness to peoples’ difference in taste. Like a cart rolled in full of human sushi, one can either go off the menu and get fish, or just slice right into the naked cadaver in front of them and feel an entirely different power of life. Morten HD takes the heart. And eats it. Like Kano. Only Xenoglossia is the whole heart. While Apothecary Compositions just sits back and enjoys the theatrics.

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