♫♪  MY CAT IS AN ALIEN - Mangolia: Live in Milan {March 7, 2018}

Communication comes in a variety of waves. MY CAT IS AN ALIEN at Mangolia: Live in Milan {March 7, 2018} — filmed by Italy’s finest, URSSS — is next level maximalist psychedelia. Possession of sound is a sculpture to these fellows. Wrap it around your finger. End this already. Today is the rest of today. “The eye” is there is “no eye.” Wall-to-wall. Only two walls. In Nick’s apartment. Next to the highway. Watching dumb-shit porn on his surround sound. Max. 4k in 360-degrees without the proper tech, so dicks be popping out all angles, yet no angles should be this angular. A completely brick house. Portals. Being driven. Off my computer hooked into his ultra-sound system that is wired around the four-room, no-door “house,” MY CAT IS AN ALIEN at Mangolia: Live in Milan {March 7, 2018} blares. It competes with moans. What do you do at night?

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