♫♪  Neil Michael Hagerty & The Howling Hex - “Mountain”

Holy everlovin’ HAGERTY, Drag City fans! Katy, bar the door! Erstwhile gas-huffin’ Royal Truck ruffian and meanwhile New Border/neon-garage junkin’ Hex Howler Neil Michael Hagerty is BACK. On. The. PROWL.

Yup, it’s true. According to reports, Hagerty has once again resurrected the Howling Hex for a “spunky-funky” (quotations mine) new album of skewed, skittery guitar attacks. It’s called Denver, and it drops… wait for it … THIS FRIDAY, April 15! (Don’t worry, that still gives you enough time to pre-order your copy today on a variety of “spunky-funky” musical formats so you can say you knew about it before all your friends.)

Marking the first full-length Hex outing since 2013, The new album finds Hagerty and his gang “refocused on the immediate pleasures found within the writing and playing of a single song,” culminating in “a populist zenith” in which “an entire community and geographic region are tapped for their energy.”

“What the hell does that mean?” you ask? Good question! To answer it, just watch this hot-off-the-presses new music video for the album track “Mountain.” Besides the fact that Denver = mountains, the clip is noteworthy for being directed by none other than Mr. Fred Armisen (you know, the voice of Krang in the newest Michael Bay Ninja Turtles movie?). It basically consists of boatloads of delightfully disorienting footage a recent tour he took of an Icelandic news station. “What does that have to do with Denver?” I promise it’ll make perfect sense after you watch it … well, “perfect sense” in that messed-up, nonsensical, Howling Hex-kinda way.

Denver tracklisting:

01. City Song
02. Colfax West
03. Random Friends
04. Canyon
05. Mountain
06. Time Gives
07. Lookout
08. Guided Missiles
09. 300 Days of Sunshine

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