♫♪  Nekophiliac - “ahaha”

Unleashed by Post-Life International this past Wednesday, one of Pittsburgh’s premiere producers, Nekophiliac, conjured up a handful of sonic incantations, and entitled ‘em, don’t bother me, i’m crying:

Yesterday, I’m trollin’ that Twitter game (via @c_m0n5t3r …hmu), and saw a pal of mine in talks with Nekophiliac about a new video for his track “ahaha,” listed as coming soon. After a few back-and-forths with Julie Mallis (“ahaha” video creator) I received a link and was mesmerized at what came forth. Made using her 2D works of art, “ahaha” gets to a level of sure maximalism, stripping down samples of sound and samples of visuals, and shoving it all into a package of sheer joy. The video is entirely an “ahaha” moment.

This year at the Cassette Store Day swap meet, I played a track off Nekophiliac’s R O M A N C E, and Dirty Tapes CEO (a.k.a. Daniel Christopher) was in amazement of who I was playing. So I gave a good name drop. Also stoked just in general that Neko is going in on releases this year, considering this is his second, and normally, people take a minute or two. Prophecy is in high demand, don’t bother me, i’m crying becomes a mantra, and “ahaha” will shock the AWW out of you, streaming below:

• Nekophiliac: http://nekophiliac.bandcamp.com
• Post-Life: http://postlife-international.com

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