♫♪  New York Electric Piano - “The Road to Joy”

“‘The Road to Joy’ is about the unexpected turns, hidden paths, and restarts we make on our quest to end up in a state of joy,” says Pat Daugherty, pianist for New York Electric Piano, a jazz trio comprised of Daugherty, drummer Aaron Comess, and Richard Hammond on electric bass.

“The telepathic NYEP trio is in full effect here, jumping thru genres as well as time signatures as they navigate the sea of syncopation, climb mountains of melody, and tread the plains of polyrhythm,” Daugherty adds. They can really read each other’s minds, though — not in terms of improvisatory intuitiveness, but like Charles Xavier, Jean Grey and Nathan Summers, a team of powerful mutants flexing evolutionary birthrights.

“This is a live take … one hand on the Electric Piano and the other on the acoustic piano with a little Hammond Organ overdubbed in afterward to smooth the journey,” Daugherty concludes. And with that, Tiny Mix Tapes is now a jazz site.

“The Road to Joy” premieres below. New York Electric Piano’s new album, State of the Art, is out January 12 on Fervor Records (pre-order CD/digital). Tickets for the January 29 record release party at NYC’s Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 are available here.

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