♫♪  Night Powers - “We Will Always Be Together”

From their June 25th drop of their Mirror Universe Tapes release, The Hand of the Thief, Night Powers fronts on some Halloween spirit with a new video for “We Will Always Be Together.” The gang gets family and friends together for a bit of the chow-down ON A DUDE! That’s right, my personal (legit) fear, which is food on humans. It’s the most revolting thing to me. Ever since Lady Gaga or that Matthew Barney thing, food on me or clothes or humans of any kind makes me lose my mind. Thus, “We Will Always Be Together” marks an excellent holiday music video to get me in the spirit. Also, this is totally a good tactic to get your team working harder: reward them with human sushi or spaghetti or squash. I’ve personally never offered this myself, but the dude who generates leads for the sales floor that sits in front of me during my full-time job… I offer his body. But you… I offer to you the greatest gift of all! Below is the new Night Powers video of “We Will Always Be Together” off their Mirror Universe Tapes cassette (and digital), The Hand of the Thief.

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