♫♪  NMESH - Welcome To Warp Zone!

Well, we’ve really been building up to this moment, haven’t we? Once again, NMESH went all out for y’all. HISTORY: a few months back, just a little after I interviewed Alex Koenig for TMT — touching on his newest album Dream Sequins® — I had suggested he make a Friday mix for Chocolate Grinder, just in passing. Knowing Alex had a WEEDBOAT-LOAD in the works, I figured he’d shoot me a “Mebbe,” but he replied positively to my suggestion, and then I didn’t hear back from him for two months.

Outta the blue one day, he emailed TMT the cover art (above) for Welcome To Warp Zone! with the tagline: “TMT HAS BEEN KIDNAPPED BY NINJAS. ARE YOU A BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SAVE TMT?” This is when we knew NMESH wasn’t going to front us a typical guest mix. From there, we received weekly inserts — 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 — while promos for Welcome To Warp Zone! flooded the NMESH Twitter page. We’d soon get an email informing us that the mix would be 4 hours and 20 minutes divided into 10 worlds, and that it even involved a storyline featuring select TMT writers incorporated into its hybrid mix’venture.

NMESH eventually sent P and me the full thing. Personally, it’s helped me get over a LOT of childhood gaming frustration since listening. But unfortunately, P got absorbed into the entirety of it, and I’ve been running TMT ever since. So now… “Mr P is counting on you.” ARE YOU BAD ENOUGH DUDE TO SAVE HIM?

In order of appearance: Riboflavin, Birkut, Nobodaddy, C Monster, Mr P, Simon Chandler, Benjamin Pearson, Trillian, Grant ‘Gumshoe’ Purdum, Pliny The Elder, Squeo, JSpicer, Slam Dunk, Teflon Beast, and Dream Baby.

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