♫♪  NMΞSH - DREAM SEQUINS® [trailer]

Be inside the inside. Mentally congregate all dreams and realities to one ‘said’ point. Find yourself falling only back upon your bed. Calmly find yourself NMΞSH’d OUT in DREAM SEQUINS®. All of this you’ve seen before in life, whether as a picture or scenic. So now you can OWN it by way of ID imagination and consumption. Feed off the in-flux of new and chartered territories. You’re on and off Earth. Sky is the limit seems nearly tangible. Crushed in the fade of sound, or was that sound? Am I talking, or hearing someone talk outside my home and that is my DREAM SEQUINS®?

When you awake, your laptop is opened up on THIS post via Tiny Mix Tapes, and you RE:watch what you just experienced in bed. NMΞSH sucks your mind grapes out and into the future. Now you begging for all the answers, but you only got this [trailer]. What to do? Get back at him around Feb. 27 and feel DREAM SEQUINS® via AM DISCS. Freak on the video below:

• NMΞSH: https://soundcloud.com/nmesh
• AMDISCS: http://amdiscs.com

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