♫♪  No Kill - “Tremolo” - “Tremolo”

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Oh great! And here I was, totally planning (honest!) to move to Brooklyn and start a two-piece, guitar-centric, pop/noise band called No Kill!

But goddamn. Guess I’d better just CANCEL THAT AWESOME-SOUNDING PLAN, because the duo of (guitarist, drummer, vocalist) Jamie Cogar and (guitarist, vocalist) Andrew Trouwborst have already been killing it as No Kill since like 2011. In fact, in addition to magnanimously advertising their full support to no-kill animal shelters around the world, the pair is also preparing to release their new album Gold Chorus this summer. (Man, I really should have done some Google research before I got my hopes up, apparently…)

And speaking of “awesome-sounding,” they’re even premiering the the video for the album’s debut single “Tremolo” today on Tiny Mix Tapes, so that’s another thing that I CAN’T EVER DO NOW! Ugh. Fine. Guess I’ll just have to content myself with explaining the ins-and-outs of their track instead, so that I can live vicariously through the scintillating details:

The tune is one of those drone-y mid-tempo jams that rocks in spite of itself and gently sucks at your soul like “something from a Sofia Coppola movie.” And the clip, which was co-directed by Sara Kinney and Tom Vigliotta, depicts the kind of “hazy dreamscape of teenage debauchery” that reminds you how much it retrospectively totally sucked to get through all your stiff, awkward high school dances, no matter how innocent and cool, cute, innocent, and excited you might have felt at the time. Check it out below, and let the bittersweet wave of cool nostalgia wash over you, mingling and confusing the compassionate love and intense hatred you simultaneously feel toward your former self.

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