♫♪  No Monster Club - “I’ve Retired”

Dublin’s pop-centric No Monster Club is back to their ways after a year of inclusion with People Are Weird on Mirror Universe Tapes. Out January 27, Bobby Aheme and friends have occupied themselves with no bullshit pop tunes for a half dozen years, dealing out songs about summer, boyhood, fun, and la la land – the latter has a sweet video featuring a magic singing dog. They’re also a part of Dublin’s Popical Island, a collective of pop bands who support pop music. It’s simple, really.

“I’ve Retired” is the first single off the 11 tracks on People Are Weird. The song (acoustic version) is a tongue-in-cheek ode about a haughty musician friend. The song is legitimately funny: “I have retired, please take my last breathe and put it on a flyer,” Bobby sings, “Oh maybe it’s hard to act normal when you’re special,” following up with, “Oh how I long to hear you tell the world I have retired.” Bobby gets it, man. We get too serious around here and need to poke fun at people because people are ugly and hilarious all the time.

People Are Weird is out January 27, the same day as Seattle’s Unlikely Friends’ Solid Gold Cowboys and both are up for pre order now.

• No Monster Club: http://www.nomonsterclub.com
• No Monster Club: http://nomonsterclub.bandcamp.com
• Mirror Universe Tapes: http://www.mirroruniversetapes.com

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