♫♪  Olsen - “Feminine”

Nothing gets me quite like melancholy house. At the end of a night at the club, when you’re riding the bus or a cab in a haze, reflecting on whether anything you just did was “fun,” a little deep, soulful jam gets me through the late-night brood. That’s just what we have from the latest release from Manchester-based Olsen. His No One Belongs Here More Than You EP is the first slab of vinyl in awhile to come out of New York City’s Mister Saturday Night. Its intro track “Feminine” begins with desolate piano chords that drift into the main beat. From there, the track carries strains of tech house, as it pulses along a nocturnal synth groove with driving percussion. Mister has always been keen on party-starting bangers, but this peaceful slow-burner is a unique entry in the MSN catalog. Whether you listen during the aforementioned late nights or while losing yourself in the laser lights, let this hypnotic gem take over.

No One Belongs Here More Than You comes out Friday, April 13, with pre-orders up and running for the 12-inch vinyl.

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