♫♪  ORB - “First and Last Men”

If hard Sci-Fi progenitor Olaf Stapledon had drowned his respect for rationality in absinthe and laudanum, the resultant fantastical ravings might’ve turned out something like this claymated future sludge fuckery. Alas, he did not. Instead, he kept it real scientific-like and gave us 1930’s Last and First Men. Thus, the world has had to wait 86 years to hear and see “First and Last Men” by Geelong, Australia’s ORB.

This is the first single off the three piece’s forthcoming debut album Birth, but as luck or kismet would have it, a couple guys (Sean McAnulty and Alex McLaren) who used to skate with the band approached them about doing a video and came up with this crazy shit that’s equal parts Heavy Metal and Liquid Television.

For fans of Flightless Records label mates King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, or anyone who’d be interested in hearing what a band with that name sounds like, ORB’s Birth will be pushed out in the U.S. and Canada by Castle Face Records on July 1.

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