♫♪  Orchestra of Spheres - “2,000,000 Years”

In “2,000,000 Years,” civilization is divided into four distinct worlds: the wrestler-ruled realm of dildos and perfume samples; the harmonica-monolithed land of crystals and balls, but no crystal balls; the animal planet, where one hand definitely does not wash the other; and the ophthalmological laboratory, where you’re always being watched. All four are becoming rapidly overpopulated, and tomorrow’s weather forecast reads “cryptically apocalyptic” with a high chance of ejaculatory snow.

This is the state of things according to the New Zealand-based Devo-devotees comprising post-novelty act Orchestra of Spheres and their countryman, music video director Simon Ward. The Orchestra will soon be embarking on their first ever U.S. tour, which begins at the Moon Block Party in Pomona before stopping in New York, Chicago, New Haven, Philadelphia and D.C. And to celebrate the occasion, they tapped Tiny Mix Tapes to premiere their new video for “2,000,000 Years,” because hey, who else is weird enough to do it … am I right?

Hopefully, the band’s journey through our country can live up to the “surreal road-trip through a hyper- primal, fuzzed-out, synth-laden Garden of Eden” that is their second album, Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music. Let’s all do our part to see that it does.

• Orchestra of Sheres: http://www.orchestraofspheres.com
• Fire Records: http://www.firerecords.com

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