♫♪  Oscillator Bug - “Glimmi Goe”

Oscillator Bug’s upcoming full-length Bursts of the Million is a snake.

My dad used to say, “If it was a snake it would of bit ya” a lot, in reference of an object being right in front of me and overlooking it. I have terrible eye sight and the joke usually pertained to my glasses, so maybe my dad’s a dick, but whenever I leave a city these snakes pop up everywhere like a Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon. So, props dad, you were right, Chicago multi-instrumentalist Zaid Maxwell – of the Chicago-based crock-pot experimenters Shapers consisting of The Hood Internet’s Steve Reidell a.k.a. DJ STV STV, Todd Waters, frequent collaborator Amelia Styer – is latched to my ankle.

The venom is circulating through my central nervous system along with the second single off Bursts of the Million, “Glimmi Goe.” Zaid’s soft lit voice and pop synth hook wed a manic Gary Numan and something you’d find in Garth Marenghi’s Walkman. It’s a rowdy pop song getting in your personal space, where meaty saw waves are our Excalibur and that weird thing on the cover is whatever we’re taking down.

Bursts of the Million is out September 9 on Dymaxion Groove. You should totally pre-order it and catch Zaid on tour with Tobacco this fall.

• Oscillator Bug: https://soundcloud.com/oscillatorbug
• Dymaxion Groove: http://www.dymaxion.fm

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