♫♪  Party of One - “Watch While the Heads Roll”

Eleven years after their first and only album to date saw the light of day, Eric Fifteen’s Party of One is back from the dead with “Watch While the Heads Roll.” A quick flashback to 2003 when Fat Cat distributed Caught the Blast – the album, while receiving a variety of positive reviews, got caught up in a riptide of narcissists calling the album narcissistic in artless, catch-all I-HATE-PAVEMENT rants. Let bygones be bygones, but damn it’s a lo-fi pop punk record, calm the fuck down.

Hey, we’re in something that resembles the future where both 13 year old and 24 year old me are stoked about; hoverboards are real and Party of One is back at it. With a new band in tow consisting of Monet Wong (sweet name Monet), Matthew Wayne, and Kyle Joe Holland, Party of One is noticeably subdued with Eric Fifteen’s noted dark wordplay calmly telling us to not cry when the cops come. Eric’s nasal voice and forward demeanor have a relaxed Gary Numan vibe and I imagine the rest of the group are two-steppingswaying back and forth in unison and sporting sunglasses.

The band appears to have a cassette ready for Minnesotan record store turned part-time label, Go Johnny Go. The album, Streetside Surprise, is depicted on their Facebook and listed in GJG’s online catalog as a $4.45 fall 2014 release, but is not up for stream or purchase yet.

Patience, people.

• Party of One: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Party-of-One/194609910555651
• Eric Fifteen: https://soundcloud.com/eric-fifteen

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