♫♪  Pascale Project - “7AM”

Realistically, most people are either waking up or just getting to work around “7AM,” which is exactly the time of day we ALL need a lil bit of Pascale Project power. Similar to the end-of days LA Vampires vocals mingling late-night hazy house, Pascale Project feeds of the club atmosphere that billows about the melody ringing ears at “7AM.” Mist from arms and hair flinging and whipping around the air. Immediate romantic decision making. Intermingling beats that harmonize almost as a melody. Attitude as-if everyone is in control. Strobe lights flickering and this place only has an outlet for the DJ booth. Noumenal Loom standing at the merch booth, in the corner, it’s 4/20, and 7AM just dropped on tape. Check the title track and sweat:

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