♫♪  Paul Cherry - “So Easy”

Summer is never done. Technically, you could move down past the equator in October and keep the warm vibes moving, traversing back and forth between the worlds. So take the special person by the hand, figure out a way of achieving always-heat, and be free with Paul Cherry. It really could be “So Easy.” Just take the man by the hand and find out where the destination lies. With the pleasantry of The Memories and swag of a modern-day Chewbacca, Paul Cherry is just swirling a glass of sound and sass, sipping sunshine south of the shore. It’s an innertube. And y’all are invited. Bring a floatable cooler too. Shit, is that Rug Rice??

The nit and the grit is that Paul Cherry is releasing his first split tape, and it’s with The Lemons. For real, the tape is entitled Cherry Lemonade and comes in the most clever j-card this side of the northern hemisphere. So wrap your head around “So Easy” below and hit up the Paul Cherry crew (s/0 to Chris Kramer and Max Epstein too).

• Paul Cherry: https://soundcloud.com/paul_cherry

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