♫♪  Pavo Pavo - “No Mind”

I’m not sure how the Brooklynites of Pavo Pavo actually feel about turkeys, but I’m damn certain they love color. Their video for “No Mind,” one of the standout tracks from last year’s debut LP Young Narrator in the Breakers, is gloriously, lavishly saturated in it. In the band’s singer and songwriter Eliza Bagg’s own words, the video shows a juxtaposition of “her own character [as] a sort of rebellious and emotional siren of truth dancing and singing songs of real connection” and the rest of the five piece’s “complacent and robotic” attitude towards the rather tired formula of a performance music video. Color, however, is the reason those two facets don’t clash. As if reflecting the equally dense synth pads that uphold the song, the alternating tints of purple, orange, blue, and green, both pastel-soft and piercingly intense, envelop the singer and the band just the same. In the end though, it is as if the tiny space the video was shot in can’t contain all that tension; the colors implode into an unexpectedly blissful resolution.

Watch the video below:

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