♫♪  pet cemetery - “jane god”

Soft and melodic, pet cemetery’s “jane god” is hushed comfort that creates a wistful sense of calm. Like waking up to grey clouds and cold air for the first time after the hectic heat of summer that threatened to never end. The harsh beating sun on bare pavement replaced instead by lilac shadows softly cast across sidewalks, rusted leaves finally shaking free of their branches, they land softly and curl skyward where they rest.

Frenzied cries of cicadas and fervid hum of fan blades give way at last to the soft patter of rain on dried grass; colors muted under dull light, no longer too bright to look at. Boisterous crashes of summer storms now subdued to gentle thunder that is more a contented purr than frenetic rumble. Blending song and sampled audio, pet cemetery maintains an atmosphere of blissful familiarity and halcyon repose. Have a listen to the track below:

“jane god” premiers off pet cemetery’s upcoming EP sickly, sycamore, released on cassette through label Hail Hail Records on May 19th.

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