♫♪  PLOM / Meme Vivaldi - 2000 Split

Time to melt a nail into your ear, because PLOM / Meme Vivaldi are building an insane asylum within your head, and creativity will be abound, bouncing remix and edit culture with the bizarro mentality it took to make 2000 Split one crayon short of a full box. There’s the pump action beats and familiar samples, twitchy mellow moods and stuttering beats, trans-like spastics and television commercial robots. They even got some twee-rave jams, training video melodies, zip-chord rips, retrograde, meditative moments, cracked world building and lore, plenty of Spanish speaking samples, and sands of grains. Internet culture reign, societal meme complications, decision making made easy, highlighters that don’t look neon, markers and tags up and down the reel: 2000 Split just immortalized PLOM and Meme Vivaldi in freak-out waves of spiritual persistence, and only you can be a hero upon completion. Like going over to your friend’s house as children, and you’re jealous of his new Venom toy, PLOM and Meme Vivaldi is share enjoyment, as both musicians trade off sides in complementary shifts of scalings. Get the fuck on they’s level via NYAPSTER, below:

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