♫♪  Post Moves - Mystery World Science Show

Portland, Oregon-based Art & Design portal Lobby Art are continuing their gentle stretch into sound with Post Moves’ Mystery World Science Show. Out this Friday (May 27), the band’s follow up to last years Reset Father Time, lightly sands down their blues-y sound and polishes the recordings for a brighter, well-mastered album.

In a warm, comforting way, nothing Post Moves does is overwhelming, which is part of their allure. Sunny guitar pickups, choruses featuring Raisin Bran, slashes of twang all written under the dead skies of Portland. The pleasant tone of Sam Wenc’s delivery who probably grew up on 70s Appalachian Highland music before discovering Elliot Smith and MMJ six months after picking up a guitar. Mystery World Science Show is the somber country trot of three dudes through lame romance, daydreams of Tennessee and good food, and some saxophone.

Mystery World Science Show preorders on digital, cassette, and LP are up now and look out for their next release from Stevhen Peters, Playoff.

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