♫♪  ((PRESSURES)) / Roladex - “The Voices” / “Glass Statuette”

Seattle’s Medical Records has unearthed plenty of lost cold wave and post-punk records over the past few years, and amid all the reissues they’ve spent time seeking out and releasing new music from like-minded artists operating out of different corners of the world. For their latest release they’ve just announced a split 7-inch between New Orleans based ((PRESSURES)) and Seattle/Texas group Roladex. Both acts bring chilly synths and jittery pogo beats to their respective tracks, “The Voices” and “Glass Statuette.” Both tracks are short and to the point, with the former’s vocodered vocals providing a detached yet dancey vibe, while the latter’s girl/boy singing provides a little human touch to juxtapose all the cold electronic instrumentation. Medical Records have carved out an unique niche within the electronic music world, with old and new sci-fi synth pop groups churning out off-beat yet catchy tunes. Stream the 7-inch below and head over to the Medical Records Bandcamp for info on ordering up a copy.

• ((PRESSURES)): https://soundcloud.com/pressures
• Roladex: https://www.facebook.com/roladexmusic
• Medical Records: http://medical-records.org

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