♫♪  Psychic Teens - “Winter Grey”

Artwork: Amandine Urruty

Receiving acclaim for their 2013 record COME, Philadelphia’s underground scene gloomy darlings Psychic Teens return with a new record. The track “Winter Grey” premieres off their upcoming album NERVE and offers up blown-out guitar riffs accompanied by gravely vocals affirming to the listener lyrically that they “don’t need anybody.” A musical embodiment of the word “angst,” the track harbors a restrained feeling of contempt, both in moves made through the lyrics written in the song and the instrumental side of the composition.

Photo by: Danielle DeCarolis

“Winter Grey” creates a sound that is somewhere along the lines of post-punk meets goth meets shoegaze and, in doing so, has a sound that feels both familiar and brand new all at the same time, setting a clear tone for the album. NERVE is due May 13 through SRA records and is available for pre-order through SRA right now on vinyl, cassette, CD, and all the digital formats you could ask for. Be sure to check out Psychic Teens premiere track “Winter Grey” here:

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