♫♪  Rachika S and Biki Zoom - mothertongue​.​m3u

mothertongue​.​m3u, the “when dictation sings” poetic, ambient-beat, post-nightcore release by Rachika S (production, guitar, mixing) and Biki Zoom (words), has been out for a brilliant minute, and it’s been playing on repeat for me most of today. Streaming below these few sentences is the full stream for the release, which is comparable to the works of Elysia Crampton, Amnesia Scanner, and Quantum Natives when they were incorporating lost prose in their works. Most of the release touches upon sexuality and gender narratives, but staggers between the emotionally romantic and flagrantly biological. mothertongue​.​m3u is a reality for a minute or 23:

Welp, luckily (and gorgeously), mothertongue​.​m3u has been spun into a wonderfully curious video starring TMT’s very own, Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli! Following along themes of “identity” that Biki Zoom beholds (literally) in mothertongue​.​m3u, the Rachika S- and Neo Sora-directed video focuses on four or five bodies observing, touching, kissing, and (individually) identifying each other’s bodies in the corner of the room. And this is exactly what is happening: identification. Not of particulars. Not of distinction. Identification of the presence.

Interestingly, as the viewer, one is placed as the lens witnessing this bed in the corner of a room while blissfully peaceful images cascade across four to five bodies just “figuring things out.” And it’s not a DEEP “figuring things out.” It’s momentary and instinctual. It’s these bodies observing each other’s bodies experiencing a constant flow of emotion. Most importantly, it’s tiny fragments of enlightenment. Enlightenment of discovery, post-youth, hairs in crevasses, JOY, longing, immediacy, intimacy, distance, contentment, freedom, and a little bit of loss that only stems from gain. The video for mothertongue​.​m3u by Rachika S and Biki Zoom is the image we all share and consider, “Oh, I slept well. And had a great dream about us.” Dream of us and never see our face(s):

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