♫♪  Radio People - “Night Club”

Whenever I find a track particularly energetic or enjoyably brutal, I usually tell people something along the lines of “this shit is so good it makes me want to break things” or “I just want to run around punching people while listening to this.” I always thought I was alone with these thoughts, but Radio People’s video for “Night Club” makes me think otherwise. At first, Radio People (a.k.a. Sam Goldberg) might not seem like your typical “let’s fucking destroy everything” type of artist, but listen closely to the sparkling synth lines of 2011’s Hazel and it becomes obvious that there’s a constant pulsating energy beneath the dulcet cosmic tones of the music; it’s not necessarily overtly violent, but it’s there. Musically, “Night Club” picks up right where Hazel (Mexcian Summer) left off, but this surprisingly “metal” video visualizes the energy hidden beneath the track’s ethereal surface by showing a gnarly dude with one hell of a beard breaking a lot of shit and, uh, drinking steak juice.

Watch the video for “Night Club” here:

“Night Club” is the title track off Radio People’s forthcoming cassette, due next month on Treasure Records.

• Radio People: http://www.radiopeople.bandcamp.com
• Treasure Records: http://treasurerecords.blogspot.com

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