♫♪  Reef Frequent - “Toxic Sword”

“I want you to be in love with me forever.”
It’s less about the way you make things and more all the extra. I ain’t need extra-extra, extra.
“If you were to just look at me like you look at me now and when you’re happy, tho… in eternity.”
That’s never how it works.
“So what then *snot bubbles* where do, like…”
Accept your abandonment. Even in death, and all over mortality.
“Look at me, now, in this moment, baeee *quivers lip*”
I’m going to go to a motel.
“And all this?”
*tightens knots around sub’s wrists* *dips canister of fluid and lights fluid*

Moments later you’re in your brother’s basement playing RPG-Maker that he used with 32-bit graphics, ready to dedicate full-on dive-in mode as you take on a variety of enemies, traverse miles of land, become completely engulfed by the endless lifetime the game spans, and finally you tie in all the arch and twists to events in your life, and in your brother’s life. The title of the game that plays out your existence: Unknown System Boundary. You notice the music you’ve been playing for weeks [now] on-end in your brother’s basement…. OST by Reef Frequent.

Mind melts. Salivate the melt. Drip it in on Aug. 4 via Midnight Moon Tapes. This is the package. Penetrate now with “Toxic Sword” before ya rot in infinity:

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