♫♪  Rhyton - “Lovejoy Vapor Trail”

Rhyton is BACK! And shredding is more than an option here in their newest long-burner (and side-A), “Lovejoy Vapor Trail.” Sounding like the tenacity of Acid Mothers Temple and fervor of Guardian Alien, Rhyton (I want to guarantee) went through a guts-load of guitar and bass strings for “Lovejoy Vapor Trail,” and a smelter’s full-days worth of symbols. However, according to the PR, Side-A was entitled “after the recently discovered comet said to be releasing enough alcohol to fill 500 bottles of George T. Stagg every second.” So, considering Rhyton’s insatiable affection for bourbon, the little wisp that crossed Earth’s night sky was a big deal to the trio. Thus, it’s not a challenging thought when considering the title of their new LP Navigating by Starlight (at least, that’s my GPS in during drunk evenings too), and as the aura that flares out of “Lovejoy Vapor Trail” is so solar, you might as well save your heating bill this winter and toss Rhyton on the turntable for some straight up FIRE. Thanks to MIE Music, this blanket of sunshine is ready to spin. Now, as I haven’t heard Side-B yet, here’s the tidbit to fluster your imagination:

The flip, “Scylla and Charybdis,” continues Rhyton’s linguistic love affair with Ancient Greece. But with [Dave] Shuford on electric mandolin, and the rhythm section picking their way between the twin threats more carefully than usual, the band creates a vibe that is more space-swamp than whirlpool (at least in this writer’s opinion). By which I mean its method of sucking you into its vortex is staggered rather than continuous. Of course, once you’ve stuck your head into Rhtyon’s sound-barrel, the specifics of destruction don’t matter much do they? —Byron Coley

Scope Rhyton’s words and grip Navigating by Starlight on LP via MIE Music here, and twist your mind around the infinitely explosive “Lovejoy Vapor Trail” below:

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