♫♪  Rhyw - “Vixen for Society”

As Plato famously asked, regarding caves: “… but does it bang?”

On Cave Walls (Part One), his second release as Rhyw, Brit producer Alex Tsiridis (also of heady duo Cassegrain) offers up some of his deepest, most shadowy jams. Splitting the track list between melody free techno and lush, beatless abstraction, the EP is full body sensory music aimed toward re-orienting one’s perception.

Today we are pleased to debut “Vixen for Society,” a track that evolves seamlessly from head-nodding soundtrack to full banger. (It also sounds like it’d be great to listen to during a stakeout but we did not have time to confirm) Stream it right here.

How many more cave walls Tsiridis is planning to show us, we cannot say, but for now Cave Walls (Part One) arrives July 24 from the fine folks at Avian.

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