♫♪  Rico Casazza - “They Move Fast (HRTL Remix)”


Over the course of this past week, thousands of gigabytes of storage data has been allocated to fireworks. This bizarre phenomenon occurs every year, on different dates in different countries, contributing to a massive overload of red-lined audio guaranteed to have the family pooch cowering under the nearest sofa. The infernal roar of low bitrate pyrotechnics kicks off HTRL’s remix of Casazza’s ass-kicking “They Move Fast.” This is blistering anti-acid techno to get you ready for a hot, hot, hot summer baby!

Those committed to the art of one-upmanship continue to discover exciting new forms of socially acceptable explosion, such as putting everything in one cardboard box and hightailing it. Here is an explosion you can enjoy in your bedroom, or on a rooftop overlooking the river delta of your preferred city’s faded glory, or in a limousine navigating ransacked city streets in the aftermath of the inevitable implosion of the neoliberal capitalist system (yawwwwn). HRTL, whose soundcloud is full of peppery modular synth salad “gardenscapes,” pushes his analog equipment past overclock on this one, testing just how much bark is better than bite (we’re doing dog puns, baby). I personally like my remixes extra crunchy, and HRTL’s slick filter work mean’s Casazza’s track is boosted at exactly the right moments. They Move Fast is gonna be out on vinyl through BEEF Records, and includes HRTL’s remix as well as another by Rowka, of the A side “Minimonsta.” Stream the track below, and pre-order the EP from BEEF Records.

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