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Don’t Go Into That Bad Night

Usually outta nowhere, my good pal and long-time musician idol Rob Magill tosses his new tracks at me for a first-crack listen, which is way humbling in a public Choco post kinda way. This time he sent me Don’t Go Into That Bad Night, a three-track burner, including “The Bad Night,” “The Drink of Love,” and “This Song.” They hot off the recorder and sizzling raw. I gave it five listens straight through the first time I gripped it digitally (‘cause I can do that), and each time my ears caught something different.

First time reminded me of how much I love recorded music straight from inception to conception to file/cassette/reality, sort of like the new El Topo cassette. Second listen I was in chills, thinking about an ex who has a remarkably similar voice to that of Fanny Ali singing on this here Don’t Go Into That Bad Night. Third round captivated me by the way each member (Rob Magill on sax, Brett Childs on guitar, Nick Ali on drums, and Dustin Emery on bass) took it upon themselves to strive for singularity on their instrument through equal symbiosis. Fourth lap was more of the title’s Don’t Go Into That Bad Night reminder of that one Moondog track “Why Spend A Dark Night With You” (humor, hi!). Fifth and final for the day was all about my pop and his love for motion in music, and I’m just imagining the feel of this music, how it looks being played.

Unfortunately, Don’t Go Into That Bad Night ain’t got a home on a label yet, but Mr. Magill is on the lookout! @NorthernSpy, @SunArk, @BatheticRecords, @TerribleRecords????

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