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Sarah Chernoff - “Markings On You” “Markings On You”


Let’s say you spent years living as a ‘superhumanoid’ — at a certain point, would you try to just be a regular humanoid?

This is one of the questions posed by Sarah Chernoff on her solo debut, Warm Nights. The former leader of pastel hued electrobliss outfit Superhumanoids, as well as collaborator to similarly rollerskating-friendly acts Miami Horror and Classixx (that’s her on “A Stranger Love”), has put all the drum machines, synths, and gated reverb on the shelf to give us a record of radically sensitive, soulful, and, yes, warm music.

Imbued with more than a little 70s adult contemporary influence (Chernoff namechecks both Minnie Riperton and the Carpenters in her press notes, which we love her for), Warm Nights sees Chernoff getting back to her piano based, down in the Valley, blue-eyed R&B roots and making it feel easy like Sunday morning.

Today, we’re happy to premiere the video for “Markings On You.” She explains the video to us simply in an email: “We recorded bass, piano and vocals live for this track in a beautiful studio called Knobworld, so I thought it would be special to capture it on video. My friend Michael Raines, who also directed the Dark Minnie music video came in and got some really beautiful footage of the day.” Watch Sarah and the band at work right now, right here.

Warm Nights will be available August 15.