♫♪  Seahawks - “Emergence”

Riding the train to work at the punishingly early hours of the morning does allow one soothing balm to an otherwise bleak commute: jamming freaky tunes on a mostly empty train car, before the caffeine’s fully hit, watching the late night freaks (clearly not me) and the early birds (very much me) trudge through the pre-dawn haze of the city.

A recent addition to my musical lineup has been the latest from UK duo Seahawks, whose ambient space jazz has graced my earbuds across several equally blazing releases over the last decade. Their new LP, Eyes Of The Moon, dives even further into the deep end of that saucy future cocktail lounge vibe that we’ve come know and love.

The track streaming below, album opener “Emergence,” sets the mood for the rest of Eyes Of The Moon, with shimmering synth notes alongside syrupy spoken word vocals that practically melt away as the track progresses. There are other equally chill yet zonked out effects and sounds throughout, but this one gets things off to a good start, if you feel me?? The record drops March 15, in digital and vinyl editions (pre-order HERE), via Cascine. Warning: do not operate heavy machinery while streaming these tunes ;)

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