♫♪  Siamese - “Hounds At Sunset”

Dallas-based glam band Siamese conjure a specific kind of theatrical spookiness — their music brings to mind thoughts of haunted candelabras, burgundy curtains, smoke from a cauldron, gothic ruffled shirts, etc. If they were Dracula, they’d be played by Christopher Lee for sure. Beyond just atmosphere, Siamese uses this theatricality to lend gravitas to real-life emotions, which can give their songs a (cursed) soul-bearing, (black) heart-on-sleeve quality.

Just ahead of their new album, The Mesmerist, frontperson Teddy Georgia Waggy shared some observations on a new track, “Hounds At Sunset,” which we are premiering right here, right now:

‘Hounds at Sunset’ came out of the realization that my millennial apathy was masquerading as educated nihilism. There’s a precedent forming lately, where we all express the pants off our opinions but a relative few take action or engage in nuanced conversations. I’m so motivated by the political climate, but I often find myself paralyzed by indecision. What organization should I donate to? Which senator should I call? What should I yell at them about? Do I make a list?

So the song is part self-ridicule, part genuine grief for my ancestors’ transgressions. For the predatory violence in true American history, and the intimidating might of every oppressive force of culture that barrels forward with centuries of momentum on its side. It’s also got a pretty rippin’ guitar solo.

The Mesmerist is available March 3 — grab it at their Bandcamp.

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