♫♪  Still A Great Night - “Still A Great Night”

Art: Natalie Pantoja

I’m not a betting man, but the way I see it, assuming civilization doesn’t come crumbling down around us, odds are both the song “Still A Great Night” and the star of its video, 12-year-old Lilly Mae Stewart, are going to be extremely popular and in demand in the near future (knock on wood). Which is one of the reasons I’m so humbled to have the privilege of presenting it to you first, dear reader. So long as Hollywood isn’t consumed by 21st-century Reichstag wildfire, ironographic pop-fection of this caliber is probably only one smart placement removed from ear-worming its way to the masses. And (spoiler alert) that actress, her range … you’re not going to believe it, but she was only 11 when they shot this.

I honestly don’t know what else to say. I’m just along for the ride on this one and holding out hope that when Still and Lill hit the bigtime, they’ll remember that quirky write-up I did for that music site and maybe pass one of my screenplays to Nic Cage or something. For now, though, Still A Great Night, the musician, is apparently super accessible. He has a website on which he gives out his email address and invites anyone to contact him and receive a phone-recorded “pretty+angsty” song in reply. He even writes, “Note: This is not some ruse in which you email me and then I add you to a mailing list. This is literally as simple you sending me an email and me singing a song for you.”

Well, we’ll see how long all that lasts. My advice? Get yourself some personal recordings now while you still can, because barring Armageddon, these kids are going places. Don’t take my word for it, though. See for yourself. The premiere of “Still A Great Night” by Still A Great Night streams below.

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