♫♪  Sun Araw - “Grip”

In spastic paced motion, Sun Araw teases you to just reach out and get a “GRIP.” Reality is awaiting your special impromptu touch. Seep into visions of the unseen, wash yourself of all sin, and fan out the gills you’ve grown to swim in the waves of thought. Relax the core breadths of all chemical fission within your mind’s eye, and follow the light you find brightest. The thickness of life eventually sheds weight, and peace will stir between the linings of your most pleasurable sphere and sit among collective matter. Entry of cells. Flotation jet pathways. Super 8 film. Flickers of what you consider a soul. Retreat back to The Inner Treaty. Find out your beginnings. Videoed through the deep eyes of Daniel Brantley. BAKE!

• Sun Araw: http://www.sunaraw.com

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