♫♪  Susan Balmar / LAMPGOD - NEO​-​OEUVRE

So, here’s the straight sizzle: 2013 was merely a practice run for the Bootleg Tapes dynasty. Dynasty? Yeah. Have you been asleep? It’s time to wake up, ‘cause 2014 is going to open dem ears and Bootleg gonna continue to give you that porn-punk cyber-scuzz mixtape love in ways you cannot imagine.

And as a year-end send-off, the Bootleg prophets are here to give you new split between instant TMT legends LAMPGOD and Susan Balmar. Zones get weird, fries get eaten, and blast-offs were meant for a previous future date, marked in the blood of dimensional beings. Seers of loops scratch the sidelines of tape and digital. Noise and ambient flesh between the human, and existence of sound is so solid in texture you falter at the notion of, “What is momentary and momentous?”

Your answer is NEO​-​OEUVRE by Susan Balmar and LAMPGOD, streaming below:

• Susan Balmar: http://balmar.bandcamp.com
• LAMPGOD: https://soundcloud.com/lampgod
• Bootleg Tapes: https://bootlegtapes.bandcamp.com

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