♫♪  Swarvy - “Circles”

From Leaving to Stones Throw to Street Corner, Swarvy been slanging beats as a household name for a minute. So don’t be taken aback when Paxico Records drops their debut vinyl album, Bop by Swarvy this August 11 (also via digital download) — [although, the re-release of 1991 by Ahwlee is still available]. Because within those grooves of Bop’s LP beholds a magic only few instrumentalists have dared traverse. But lemme break it down….

Using “Circles” as the main example of Swarvy’s progression as producer, trickles of lo-fi rays synthetically boom across the senses that grip ears just between the nose and the brain. Where most beat producers either run a harsh experimental red, or go for the complete sell-out, Swarvy harnesses an equally enticing avant styling while maintaining a sensible, causal listening experience that challenges Bop’s audience as much as it does purely relax and entertain. When it feels like there’s way too much bogging down the track, “Circles” almost sounds like Swarvy was conscious of the final cut being on vinyl, and uses the two-sides of that groove to even out listeners’ psyche enough to elevate the high and alleviate a mellow.

Find the smooth maximalism yourself on Paxico Records this August 11 as Swarvy finds exactly what makes you Bop. Enjoy the “Circles” on loop until you can taste all beats on one plate:

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