♫♪  SYYMSTRESS - “Ryde Out” ft. Yayoyanoh


Peaking around the corner in a rusted hull of a shipping container, beached in the desert where an ocean used to be. Let’s see… this should be the location… event invitation was specific — coordinates came in over the wire, printed out into benday dots with a satisfying tchk tchk tchk. Promises of “jigglin’” to deconstructed, slowed, thro’d, and bit-crushed dancehall. From the alien landscape printed on my mission instructions — a post-club plane full of urban artifacts: street signs bent like potato chips; dusty neon advertising alcopops and cheap mixer specials; monolithic monitors and subs melting in the heat — I bring back a big W for the Chocolate Grinder net scavengers: a new single from £nglish boy SYYMSTRESS. This is the club producer’s first release for 2017. Until Tight Knit Records came along, he’d been quietly dropping heat on SoundCloud and curating Ariel Sounds, a Radar Radio show.

SYYMSTRESS is one of many artists taking harsh, explosive samples outside of the experimental domain, applying them to veritable dance tunes inspired by grime, dancehall, and dub. Vocals are provided by producer Yayoyanoh, whom SYYMSTRESS has collaborated with before. Along with an instrumental version (for playing in the church parking lot) and a remix, “Ryde Out” is available from Tight Knit Records, a UK label specializing in underground riddims and noisy cuts — the products of machines, grimy dungeon clubs, and wasted imaginations.

You can pre-order the digital single from Tight Knit here, and listen to “Ryde Out” below before its March 3 release.

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