♫♪  Talibam! - Launch Pad #3 (MBV)

Happy My Bloody Valentine’s Day! The Talibam! boys (Matt Mottel, Kevin Shea) are back with the third installment of their Launch Pad series, in which they “explore new sound relationships in the digital world” and “paint and mold the music into a new species, blurring the lines between inconspicuous and conspicuous consumption/appropriation” by using recently released albums as a launching pad. First was Dirty Projectors’ Swing Lo Magellan, and then came Launch Pad #2, which saw Talibam! taking on Frank Ocean’s channel ORANGE.

When news of Launch Pad #3 came out just minutes ago, I thought for a moment about how long it took for Talibam! to make this music, and then how much longer it took them to make peace with it, to accept whatever imperfections they still heard. I considered how many days I had listened to Launch Pad #2, cherishing the vague notion of what Talibam! might be working on at that moment, wondering if I would ever hear it. How sad and wonderful, I thought, for a dream this dear and long-deferred to be realized. I savored my last moment alone with Launch Pad #2. Then I clicked play.

• Talibam!: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Talibam/102564367491

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