♫♪  Tanya Morgan - “Louder”

“People can get anthemic hustler’s hip-hop anywhere,” said Von Pea to Donwill in a purely hypothetical scenario dreamed up for this video premiere. “They come to Tanya Morgan for the value and the service,” he continued.

“Yes, that’s what we’ve been delivering since the early aughts,” replied Donwill in this simulated exchange. “Ever since we were young MCs trading verses between Brooklyn and Cincinnati via AIM and the Okayplayer message board, we’ve stayed true … brand … consistent … school … rap,” the simulacrum falling to cyberspace abyss, a failed literary device.

“Man, f your literary devices,” Von Pea shouted at the writer, now in another hypothetical scenario, this one playing out after the premiere. “We spent years working on this … YEARS!”

I’m sorry, I’m trying my best! Here, here’s a link to YGWY$4 (You Get What You Pay For), your latest album. And here’s another. Say, how do you think this album fits into your catalog?

“This album is us trying to perfect what we do best, taking the qualities of our previous works and concentrating them into one album,” Von Pea replied in an actual email, this being the only conversation from this post that definitely took place. “We wanted to make what would be a good representation of what we’re on right now.”

“Louder,” starring Elijah Gomez and directed by his father George Gomez of Soap Goods Creative really premieres below.

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