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In most cases (especially with American music), experimental electronic music is equated with being organic, resembling something natural or appropriating the mathematical characteristics of computer electronics and randomizing them so that it seems organic. But producers like Taskforce understand that organic does not have to mean crazy for the sake of being crazy. “No Info”, one of the tracks from Taskforce’s debut Return Notice EP, dropping November 24th via Silverback Recordings, is extremely devoted to keeping the beats short and even, but organic life still breathes intensely out of it, showing that using known rhythms does not deaden music. The consistent build has influences of grime and techno, but more importantly, Taskforce seems to be exploring a new kind of club music, that has the precision of UK club music without sacrificing the soul that inhabits the US equivalent. And Taskforce goes farther than soul, really delving into darker human emotions and anxieties. And while most music relies on the voice to do this effectively, “No Info” just needs the smallest hint of a vocal sample to achieve. The EP also features a remix of this track by Renaissance Man, and another from the always amazing Nguzunguzu. Preview the Return Notice EP here.

Domain Awareness System
No Info
Club Tool
Domain Awareness System (Nguzunguzu remix)
No Info (Renaissance Man remix)

• Taskforce: https://soundcloud.com/taskforcenyc
• Silverback Recordings: https://soundcloud.com/silverbackrecordings

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