“Temples III”

ATTN READERS: Portland’s Ecstasy Records is releasing its first full-length today! The 7-track album, appropriately titled Temples I-VII, comes to us from Temples a.k.a. Avalon Kalin, who is also a member of Finesse, Emotion II Emotion (2510), and Polonaise (100% Silk). After having released a teaser vid for “Temples II” last week, which featured some trippy, looped op-art, Temples is back with a full video for “Temples III” that furthers the illusion-based visual aesthetic. The video, by Matt McCormick, syncs perfectly with Temples’ ambient/new age-y house track, creating a hypnotic trance that isn’t designed to ‘transport’ you to some mindfuck palace, but to simply heighten your perceptions through color, shape, and sound.

Check out the vid maximized to your screen and with volume turned way the fuck up.

Temples I-VII is out now on LP (limited to 300 copies) and digitally (with two bonus tracks) via Ecstasy.

• Avalon Kalin: http://soundcloud.com/avalonkalin
• Ecstasy: http://theecstasyblog.blogspot.com

[Photo: Tim Schaar]

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