♫♪  The Savage Young Taterbug - “The Paperstud”

Summer is here, kiddies. Which means your local ice cream-man/uncle/boyfriend-boo is coming ‘round for “The Paperstud.” And boo indeed, as drifter-scooper sir Savage Young Taterbug comes twinkling and moaning around the corner. Pied-piping the twee-ones out of gas stations and truck stops, he’s that performance art that borders the line of “Is that happening?” Yes! IT is in flavors of roach-caramel, gasoline-pecan, and his newest seller: Shadow of Marlboro Man. Brands like Night People always outlast and top Carvel and Mister Softee. Licking his mustached lip, Taterbug smiles sugar and says, “Barbed wire me, sitting pretty with barbed wire he, milking the memories of barbed wire we.” The children respond with *here’s the 50¢* *you’re a funny fellah* *mmm, what a treat* *stay forever* …Always in your dreams, the Sandman creams, become one with touch and beyond smelling musk, he whispers while creaking off into a fogged and faded high-moon.

Mysteriously enough, “The Paperstud” by The Savage Young Taterbug was found scouring the internet while searching for meaning. He’s been rumored for a lot (including a release on Trap-A-Holics), but good sources have tickled my ear with information regarding a one-sided 12-inch by The Savage Young Taterbug that’s to be released by Night People Records this “scooby June.” In the meantime, enjoy his 2012 EP here.

• The Savage Young Taterbug: http://www.myspace.com/stayfarout
• Night People: http://raccoo-oo-oon.org/np

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