♫♪  Thus Owls - “How In My Bones” (Live)

I’m a enthralled with Thus Owls’ performance of “How In My Bones” live at La Tulipe in Montreal. Sunday I saw CHVRCHES in McCarren Park and felt like I was in a Bubble-Yum commercial. And typically when I witness “live” “music,” I feel tacky. It’s like watching someone being emotional in a really weird way for (MAYBE) 45 minutes and then clapping (????) and walking away. However, Thus Owls really lays down a retro-psychedelic blues-rock vibe here that harnesses that before-its-time nostalgia. And they’re totally not afraid to feel it too. Also, I’m convinced that all good groups have vocals from everyone involved. I love it when tambourines are used in today’s musical world. Yes!!!

Turning Rocks, Thus Owls’ newest CD/LP is available through Secret City Records NOW/HERE/GRIP. You can snoop at that live video below of “How In My Bones” being given a nearly flawless performance by Thus Owls’ below:

• Thus Owls: http://thusowls.com
• Secret City Records: http://www.secretcityrecords.com

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