♫♪  Tinniens - “Veer”

In the midst of enjoying a resurgence with 2012’s full-length and last year’s flat-out brilliant Wave Lair 12-inch, atmospheric pop troupe Landing — active since 1999(!) — is… well, I don’t think they’re on another hiatus by any means, but between releases, two of the core members have split off to form a new duo called Tinniens and have created a cassette tape meant for nothing more than our aural delight. Launching its debut release under the Geographic North banner, Tinniens is out of the gates with a set of tunes that takes off right where Landing (you know) landed with Wave Lair, converging disparate elements into steady, measured patterns, using minimalism as a base upon which to develop beautifully melodic pop music, and revealing the complex geometry of simplicity itself. Tinniens especially varied and syncopated approach to the low end is what gives “Veer” its relentless forward motion, and no matter the twists and turns the tune takes along the way, the band retains an uncanny and uncompromising focus.

They call the tape Dub Guns, by the way, and it’s one of those musical artifacts that you can actually buy, own, and listen to a million times over, which is something I plan on doing as soon as I click the “submit” button on this article in a few seconds here.

• Tinniens: https://www.facebook.com/Tinniens
• Geographic North: http://geographic-north.com

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