♫♪  Tjutjuna - “Songer Dance”

Some would have you believe that Tjutjuna spent the three years since the release of their self-titled album navigating seismic personnel changes, woodshedding in their native Denver habitat, and building their forthcoming Westerner LP out of various ores and iridescent ethers. False: I happen to know for a fact that the band spent this time shacked up on an asteroid with their amps and drums and pedal chains stretched out across the craters, wailing on one sustained note and squinting almost forever off into the abyss. A few months into their session, a giant asteroid worm emerged from one of the caverns and they had to deal with that, so: tunnel chase → sine-wave laser showdown → victory and the reestablishment of space peace. They finished their long tone, packed up their gear, and made it back home. Great job.

The four piece squeezes so much psych magma into the six minutes of “Songer Dance”: a mix-swallowing wash of synth drones and bubbling polyphonic sequences; guitar skronk and savage repetition not far from the Laddio Bolocko/The Psychic Paramount school of shred; a balls-out song structure curved exponentially upward. Catching a young band utilizing just one of these attack strategies can unglaze eyes and spark heads into a slow nod, but oh whoa, great, it turns out that Tjutjuna brings us everything we want all together at once — sound enough to scrub a granite slab down to sand with the volume maxed.

Pre-order Westerner and get one of 200 vinyl copies delivered straight from Fire Talk on April 30. Also, if your mind and face are melt-proof, catch the boys on tour across America with Acid Mothers Temple (!!) this Spring.

• Tjutjuna: http://www.tjutjuna.tumblr.com
• Fire Talk: http://firetalk.bigcartel.com

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