♫♪  Tlaotlon - “Ebrex”

The living, breathing mega cut Tlaotlon (a.k.a. Jeremy Coubrough) is releasing their latest album Wiper FBX on September 20 on newly founded net cassette label Dream Disc Records. The label, out of Windsor, Ontario, hosts a “net desolation/ sound disekktion/ glitch cavities/ — data melt” mantra is a magnetic nursery for the 22 minute anti-rhythmic composition – a language Tlaotlon spoke well in the debut release of Jeremy’s World Memory Records, his own Natural Devices. Flash forward seven months and Tlaotlon is adding a solo standing to Dream Disc, whose only other release was a killer compilation titled Dream Disc: Vol. 1 and featuring submissions from Nico Niquo, Angel 1, Euglossine, Five Star Hotel, and Opaline with Soul Ipsum.

As mentioned above, Wiper FBX is Tlaotlon’s least rhythmic composition to date, which is both surprising, as most of his work under the moniker has stemmed from this concaved, self-penetrating machinic assemblage, and expected, since they have dug a deeper and deeper headstone-less grave for all metronomic standards. The first song to stream from Wiper FBX is “Ebrex” and, like a majority of the album, any momentum a sound brings is pushed, crushed, squashed, or washed away by the next. As if we were falling through a string of portals, retaining only the cursory elements of each room, dropped in front of a desk, and then attempted to recall and string it all together in an On The Road-type manuscript.

Digital and cassette peorders for Wiper FBX are up on Dream Disc Records.

• Tlaotlon: https://soundcloud.com/tlaotlon
• Dream Disc Records: https://soundcloud.com/dream-disc

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