♫♪  Tom James Scott - “Ariel”

Skire Music represent a near-complete reprieve from the doldrums of drone we’ve been experiencing in the underground, first with the fantastic Well of Sorrows LP by Ian Middleton, now with this slice of ambient dro-nasal drip Tom James Scott likes to call “Ariel.” Lifted delicately from his new LP (now up for preorder) Teal, which started as a tape and has been resurrected for vinyl, “Ariel” is like a razor slicing through contemporary drifts by Kyle Bobby Dunn and Pink Priest, splitting the difference between both. (*YES, that’s a good thing.) If ever a genre dubbed ‘angelic drone’ (or ‘ang-dro’ for short) crops up, Scott may very well end up being the reason for its genesis, his careful compositions smoother than liquid sunshine and more eternal than time.

Let’s face it though, this is but a taste of the full bag of teal-colored treats yearning to be tricked for on this hallowed day. We plan on fleshing Teal out for you with more detail soon in Cerberus, but if you want to enSURE you get in on this 300-run item, I suggest you forego the plastic pleasantries and follow the link above the its place of purchase. The angels of drone will thank you by tickling your temples like a feather made of secrets, and Scott (also of Charcoal Owls, Clunes, and Liberez) might just show up in your dreams, leading you through a field of poppies to the location of your spiritual salvation. Buy the LP, take the ride, right? Yep, it’s working…

• Tom James Scott: https://soundcloud.com/tomjamesscott
• Tom James Scott: http://skirethree.blogspot.co.uk

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